What should you do with computer cookies?

Tips to deal with computer cookies, computer manintenanceComputer cookies are often looked upon as evil and some even consider them to be viruses! If you are using your computer for a long time, you will find that cookies are inevitable components of web browsing and without them you will actually not be able to visit many sites.

Here are a few things that you can do with these cookies:

• Customize your cookies security according to your comfort level with cookies. You can further limit their presence by personalizing those using different personal suites.
• If you are the only person using your computer then cookies can help you by saving your favorite websites and helping you to browse easily by storing your browsing history.
• Clear the browsing data after every browsing session if you are using a computer that is accessed by others.
• Install cleanup applications, spyware detection and spyware removers in order to protect and block your browser from accessing websites that could harm your computer.