What is mobile device management?

mobile device managementMobile device management is a way to take care of the growing and unique computer needs. It helps to take care of everything right from assuring security to self service tools to convenient configuration. Configuration profiles are where these functions and capabilities come under. These setting are such that they connect you to the internal settings, so much so that you don’t have to configure the phone on your own. There are some important and prominent benefits of the Mobile device Management:

• Self servicing: the self service page is easily accessible. It can be accessed easily and the data can be removed in case of theft or damage to your phone.
• Configuration made simple: easy configuration of valuable data like the email, calendar, contacts, VPN setting, pass code and more is looked into by itself.
• Privacy protection enhancement: the mobile device becomes accustomed to your regular needs and usage patterns. Based on this it helps you set best practices privacy controls in your phone that you’re using. It also provides a safe access to the data not open for all public.

Mobile device managing setting and techniques have become better and evolved with time. At first it was necessary to insert a sim card or connect by an external source to the handset to make configuration or changes. But now the technology has evolved.

The solution is a typical process. There is a server that sends out management commands to the handset and a client or receiver which received the commands and them implements them according to the given command. In most cases the server and client do not come from the same source however in high end models the server and client may come from the same source itself.