WCDMA: what is this?

WCDMA, technologyA lot is being written about WCDMA technology these days. So, what exactly is WCDMA and how what is its role in 3G mobile communication? WCDMA stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access and along with 3G is forms a very advanced technology. What you primarily need to know is that WCDMA is one of the most important technologies for the implementation of 3G.

Here is a list of some key WCDMA features. It supports high date rate transmission. Support with local coverage is 2 Mbps and support with wide area coverage is 384 Mbps. WCDMA also offers extremely flexible service. It supports multiple parallel variable rate services for each of the connections. WCDMA has frequency division duplex as well as time division duplex. It also has built-in support for future capture and capacity improving technologies like transmitter diversity, adaptive antennas and advanced receiver structures. Further, it also has efficient packet access.