Various Types Of Camera Lenses

Types of camera lenses for better photography

Photography with different types of camera lenses

If you got your new digital SLR or mirror-less cameras equipped with changeable lenses, you can improve your photography a lot by changing lenses. But for doing so, you need to have a nice idea about various types of lenses and what are they actually used for. There is no specific rulebook for photography but knowing the types of lenses and its specifications would help you get better. If you are on to improving your photography skills, you need to know how to get best out of your equipment and for that you need to study well types of camera lenses. There are certain practices of focal length and aperture which you need to remember for improving your photography skills. Basically focal length is the zoom level of the lens. It is represented in millimeters and it will make the far object to appear really close. Generally a type of camera lenses which has higher focal point is better as compared to that of lower focal length camera lenses. Here are some of the types of camera lenses for you to study well and get the best out of your photography skills.

  • Wide Angle lenses

These types of camera lenses are usually a far zoomed out lens. Such types of camera lenses can capture much more scene than what human eye can focus on. A normal wide angel lens is having a focal length of 24-35 mm. Ultra wide angle lenses are the one which can capture even more scene and have very much short focal length of 24mm or even less than that. These types of lenses have very wide viewing angle, straight lines nearby the edges of the picture can look curved. For correcting this, you can go for rectilinear lenses as it creates straight lines but it has a drawback as the object near the edge will look bit big as compared to the objects which are further away.

  • Standard kit lens

When you a buy a DSLR or interchangeable lens camera as a new photographer, it usually comes up with standard kit lens. These types of camera lenses are very versatile and they have focal length between 35 and 70 mm. This type of camera lenses which is standard is very simple and easy to use as it avails a similar viewing angle as that of the human eye. Whether you are going for landscapes, action photos, urban shoots, portrait or anything else these types of camera lenses would work very well. These types of camera lenses work very well when object is close to medium distance, when there is no need to zoom too much or when the object is very much close.

  • Telephoto and super zoom

These types of lenses have a focal length of over 70mm and it is designed in a way to capture far away object and make it look as close as possible. Super zoom are just similar to that of telephoto only but they avail you with wide range of focal length.