Varieties of 3D TVs

 3D television, 3DThere are two basic types of 3D TV. One is the Active 3D and the other one is the passive 3D. The shutter glasses that are especially active work in a conjunction with the television. They allow the images alternatively to either the right or the left and do that by getting the opposite sides blanked.

The passive type will allow the viewer to watch the programs in three dimensions with glasses that are less technical.
The technology combines the images that are presented to the eye by creating a three dimensional picture of the polarized lenses. There are some pros and cons of such viewing like everything else. The active 3D glass will need you to use batteries for making them work. There are built in shutters in them with which they get the frames alternated for each eye. The glasses of the passive 3D are much lighter as compared to the active 3D.