The Pros And Cons Of iPod Clock Radio

iPod Clock Radio, iPodJust after launching of the iPod Clock Radio, it was high on demand by most of the gadget lovers and iPod fans. The iPod Clock Radio has got both pros and cons like any other gadgets available in the market today.

Let us talk about the pros of iPod clock radio first. The iPod clock radio with its sleek design is an ideal home décor for any type of home. The iPod clock radio generally comes in two colors – black and white. iPod clock radio has backlight adjustment that enables the user to make it very bright and very dim to suit his requirement. The iPod clock radio can be installed easily. It has adjustable wake up and sleeping features to enable the users to select volume and time limit sleep unit to function before shutting down automatically. Some of the cons are that the AM reception is not good enough and FM reception is a bit fuzzy.