The era of green gadgets


With everything going green, should gadgets be left far behind? Green gadgets are made with the idea of using the resources of nature to power them. Green gadgets are therefore not only power saving but once purchased they have zero maintenance costs.

Here is a list of a few green gadgets that most of us can use:

1)      Solar powered light bulbs: Here ordinary pet bottles are used to provide light inside the house. Shocked? Yes this innovative idea has helped light up many houses in the backward areas of Philippines.

2)      Solar Reading Lights: during the day, these reading lights are charged in the sun and when you need it at night; you can use them to read anywhere. No more annoying electrical wires and cords to worry about and no extra money to pay!

3)      Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Save on that huge post Christmas electricity bills with the help of solar powered Christmas lights.