Know-how on laptop battery care

laptop battery careYour laptop is surely one of the most expensive investments on your part and hence you have to ensure an optimum care for it. The laptop battery is one of the most integral components of your laptop which demands solid care and maintenance as otherwise you are soon going to end up with a malfunctioning gadget. The post here is a brief on how to care for your laptop battery.

First of all, always remember that an overcharged battery is one of most cardinal problems for any laptop. Many laptop users have the bad habit of leaving power charger linked to the laptop even when the device is off. This leads to overcharged battery which in turn results in rapid loss of battery life. Thus, make sure to disconnect the power charger when the battery is charged in full. Then, it’s to stress here that your laptop volume, screen brightness and Bluetooth functions can eat up the battery life by a great extent. So, disable the Bluetooth device while not in use and lower the brightness of your LCD screen, limiting it to 2-3 bars. If you don’t need audio, lower down volume level or mute it off. Shut down the laptop completely if you are not planning to use it anytime soon. Keeping the laptop on standby or hibernation mode will affect the battery gravely.

Avoid multi-tasking if you wish a long life for your laptop battery. Many users have the habit of working on several applications simultaneous which consume a lot of battery life. Thus, it’s better if you learn to single-task while working on the laptop. Moreover, you must know that extreme temperatures are bad for your laptop and its battery. So always keep and charge the laptop in the room temperature. Don’t forget an occasional battery clean up.