iPod Dock With A Desk Lamp

iPod Dock, gadgetsThe iPod Dock with a desk lamp can be a great buy. This can be very useful for listening to music while doing some desk job. This can be a very nice option of gifting someone something special as well. This new innovation of the company makes it very stylish and extremely functional at the same time.

This gadget has a total output of as much as five watts and you can simply rock out your desk while studying. The dock also comes with a remote. There is a light on the top that is a halogen and can be adjusted. The desk lamp can be extended to a height of almost 24 inches and at the base of the lamp lays a set of speakers that are inbuilt. This is very useful for the college students who study and listen to music at the same time. Therefore, the new iPod dock with a desk lamp is a very interesting gadget.