HP’s latest graphic calculator series

HP graphic calculator, graphic calculatorHave you heard about the latest series of graphic calculator? The latest graphic calculator is the HP 50g. It is widely used by the college students as well as the professionals of science in the process of survey, mathematics as well as engineering purposes. It has a SD slot having RPN, and also the biggest screen. The space to be used is increased by 30%. It has a total memory of 2.5 MB which is much more that the previous HP 49g.

It has the facility for entering data about textbook or algebra. It can serve about 2300 functions. You can find infrared port also. The calculator is very fast and flexible. The battery is quiet strong and durable. It has the provision for the USB connection as well. The HP 50g is a definite upgrade version of the past models. Besides the calculator is not much complex and can be easily used. Have you not brought the latest calculator yet? Then you better buy it fast.