How to increase the battery life of your mobile phone?

increase the battery lifeMobile phones are being introduced in the market at a never seen before rate. And to beat the competitors, each one comes with unique features to lure customers. It works too. But what you as the customer miss out on, is realizing the value of basic essentials such as the quality of the battery. A battery is the main source of power without which no function can be carried on in a cell phone. Since batteries are one of the most important components of a mobile phone, it is important for you to know the quality, strength, and working life of a battery.

Mobile phones are used to make calls as well as receive them, check and send emails, surfing the internet, browsing through social networking sites, listening to music among other work. And none of these tasks can be done for long enough without a high performing battery. The size of the batteries nowadays is reducing drastically since the modern day phones have so many features in them, it is impossible to make space for a large battery. Hence the battery backup is going down too.

Below are some simple ways to save your cell phone’s battery life.
1) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if left on and unused, drain maximum amount of battery. Hence it is advisable to switch of these features whenever they are not being used.

2) The increased brightness of the screen is another major factor that reduces battery life of a mobile phone. If you wish to use your phone for a longer period of time, try to keep the brightness as low as possible.

3) Vibrations and other warning tones are another reason why cell phone batteries do not run for long. So turn of the warning tones and vibrations, as well as the keypad tones to ascertain greater battery life for your phone.

These were some easy steps that are sure to help you in saving a good amount of your battery life and making it last for a longer period of time.