How to Avoid Your Account from Being Hacked

Avoid account hacking, hackingThe boons and banes of the internet are endless and one of the biggest banes of this technology is hacking of the account. One frequently hears complaints about the email account or their social networking account getting hacked. Most of the time, it is our fault which is the biggest culprit rather than illicit means by which the account is hacked, but following some preventive measures will ensure 99% safety from a hacked account.

The first thing that one needs to ensure is that you do not share you password with anyone else no matter how close a friend they are of yours. Avoid following unknown or untrustworthy links that appear as it might be a way to acquire your account information by means of phishing. Keeping an up to date anti virus installed on your system is always advised as there are some software which masquerade as an antivirus and turn they hack your account details which makes one fall prey to the hackers.