DSLR video Vs Camcorder video

DSLR video, Camcorder videoFirst of all there is no difference in the resolution of the videos offered by the DSLR video and the Camcorder video. Both the videos offer a resolution of 1080p. The main difference between the DSLR video and the Camcorder video lies in the fact that the DSLR video offer shallow depth of field. The DSLR also offers the advantage of wider variety of lens choices.

On the other hand, the camcorder video may not offer a shallow depth of field but you do not have to spend heavily on the various accessories like LCD Viewfinder, External Monitor, rails and grips. Also the internal microphones found in the camcorders offer superior sound quality than what is offered by the DSLR video. The camcorders are specially designed to hold them still while shooting but the DSLRs are not designed for that purpose. So it can be said that it is actually a close call between the DSLRs and the camcorders.