How to secure your computer

Tips to secure computer, computer careProtecting your computer is important because they are vulnerable to virus attacks and attack by the hackers. Since your computer holds valuable information it is obvious that you would want to secure it permanently. So what will you do in order to safeguard your computer?

The first answer that comes to our mind when anyone asks that question is to get a good antivirus installed in the system. You can choose the best antivirus companies by trying their trial versions which are available on the internet. You will have to download them and the installation part is very easy. Once you are satisfied by the service you can buy the whole software either from the market or if do not have that much time then you can buy it online too. Another way to keep your computer safe is by not opening any kind of unknown links on the internet. These are often planted by the hackers and once you click they will be able to know all about your system and will be able to hack into your program.

What are VPNs?

VPNs, computer securityVirtual Private Network or VPOS is used in order to protect and safeguard the computer against hackers and scammers. Today even the virtual world has become very unsafe. There are hackers everywhere and viruses seem to penetrate through every anti-virus these days. In order to safeguard your data and computer you need to install or make use of a VPN service. Many companies and even government agencies have such services installed in their computer system.

In the global market, many companies are offering several VPN services to businesses and agencies so that their sensitive data and information can b safeguarded against hackers and viruses. But you need to select the best service because you are virtually handing over all your work’s foundation to them. Ask them about their packages, find out their service records and always check for legitimate certification before you hire any of these VPN companies or services.

What is the job of a computer security investigator?

Computer security investigator, computer securityDo you want to know about the work of a computer security investigator? Well then first of all you should know that a computer security investigator is very significant in today’s computer industry and in the IT sector a computer security investigator has a lot to offer. A computer security investigator must be aware of knowledge in information security system.

Mainly in two fields they carry on their work. Generally in IT firms’ computer security investigators are appointed in order to keep surveillance on the information security of a company and also make reports of the security status of that firm. In such jobs knowledge in corporate governance regulation is a must along with audits.
In other cases, where IT houses suffer information leak or suffer from lack of information security then computer security professionals are hired to investigate the matter and provide useful advices to get over with the incident.

An Account On How Data Backup Can Be Done

Tips to backup data, backup tipsA database is a collection of data in a logical manner so a user can easily find any information he is looking for. Databases also help to bring back deleted or corrupted files. Some of the common mediums for database backup are CD, DVD, floppy disk, pen drive, portable hard disk, etc.

Backup and recovery of databases can be done by several methods like full backup and selective backup. A full backup copies the whole database from the computer to the backup media. This process is more time consuming than other backups. When opting for selective backup a checklist of files that are selected to get backups is to be made on the computer. Differential backup stores only a copy of data that got updated since the completion of last full backup. It is to be noted that in case of a database failure, both differential and full backups are needed to properly restore the database

How Are Data Security Policies Developed

 Data Security Policies ,  Data SecurityWith increase in business market competitions, there are always data security issues, so these days have seen data encryption techniques as the solution and thus it has gained quite popularity, but some facts show that encryption could be a part of the data security policy but not the security option itself specially with sensitive data transmissions. Every company incorporating encryption techniques need to have a dedicated system in place, which should undertake the encryption of data on transmission and at rest too and a secure memory with restricted access.

Then Federal Trade Commission has laid down certain guideline as to data security policy. Stock Taking involves Monitoring the usage and path of the data. The next is Scaling Down which involves having least copies of sensitive data thus enabling easy monitoring. Locking of Data means restricted accesses and erasing of data on decline of need and Pitching involves generalized rules follow up on breach of security.

The Necessity of Keeping A Backup Of Your Business Data

Tips to backup business data, backup tipsTo a number of computer users, the idea of always backing up the work data and work related other important papers and documents is as deep-seated in their character as inhaling oxygen. They consistently save their data at every chance they get. To the other users apart from the above mentioned group, the process of backing up data becomes a lot more disorganized and in a simple word, hassle.

For all types of businesses whether it be small scale or middle scale or even large scale keeping a backup data is necessary as one never can know it when a problem arises suddenly. For the small scale business proprietors, a regular and customary business data backup should always be done as a daily natural thing. But it is a sorry fact, it is not the case and several small businesses has to pay the final charge by closing the doors to their businesses when a disastrous crash destroys and damages every portion of business’s vital information.

Important Browsing Security And Safety Undertakings

Computer safety, security for computersInternet safety is imperative. Most of the adults and computer users are aware of the nuances and perils of internet safety. You tend to make the situations safe for your kids so that they are not subjected to explicit contents. A ‘family friendly’ environment is always desired. However the Trojans and worms are always waiting for you to lower your guard. They want to peak and sneak through, to multiply their population eventually degrading your internet use.

Apart from this, hackers are a major threat to the internet users. You need to frisk regularly as internet safety is horribly important. Browsing software like Google, Internet Explorer and chrome are a safer option as they come with protective side items. Make it a point tahta good quality anti virus software is installed in your computer. You just cannot deny that weapons are many, hence make sure you make good use of these protective weapons to safeguard your computer against these malicious viruses.

How to Avoid Your Account from Being Hacked

Avoid account hacking, hackingThe boons and banes of the internet are endless and one of the biggest banes of this technology is hacking of the account. One frequently hears complaints about the email account or their social networking account getting hacked. Most of the time, it is our fault which is the biggest culprit rather than illicit means by which the account is hacked, but following some preventive measures will ensure 99% safety from a hacked account.

The first thing that one needs to ensure is that you do not share you password with anyone else no matter how close a friend they are of yours. Avoid following unknown or untrustworthy links that appear as it might be a way to acquire your account information by means of phishing. Keeping an up to date anti virus installed on your system is always advised as there are some software which masquerade as an antivirus and turn they hack your account details which makes one fall prey to the hackers.

AVG Antivirus 2012 Review

Are you suffering from intense virus choke up in your computer? Well then you need to get AVG antivirus 2012 version uploaded in your PC or laptop. But before buying one check out the features and facilities of this antivirus. This antivirus has been launched in the market after a number of AV test and according to all the techies this is one of the most brilliant software and has already surpassed the others in the same category.

In this antivirus you can get layers of protection and the first layer checks all the threats in the database region. The second layer which is known as the AVG shield protects your computer from the affect of infected files. The third layer is the ACG lab which recentness serious problems and helps your computer start the full scan automatically. But at the same time it doesn’t trespass in your computer or doesn’t damage anything important.