Tips to protect your Android phone with password

android phone, phone securityYou must be very pleased with your newly purchased Android phone, but don’t you just wish that you sister or friend stops fiddling with it? Your Android is obviously a private gadget and if you want to protect it from your sister or friend then the best thing to do is protect it with the help of a password. Are you wondering how you can password protect your Android? Read on.

To password protect your Android, you will first have to go to the Settings and then click on Location and Security. From there, you will have to click on Set Screen Lock. Your third step will be to click on Password to set it. Next, you will have to set a password. Choose a password that you will remember easily but no one else will be able to guess. And there it is! Your Android phone is password protected. Isn’t that simple?

Picking Phone for Your Office Needs

Office phones, phonesIf you are planning to get a phone for your office, there are plenty of things to be considered apart from just the looks of the phone. Sure, the phone has to look professional yet attractive but what’s more important is that you should select a good phone system and plan for your calls. You can buy a phone which can be connected to one or more office phone and have the same land connection if that’s required.

You would need a lot of other features in the phone like caller ID tracker, loudspeaker and recording facilities, etc. If you are a large scale business and getting and making calls is a big part of that, then you should probably go for the T 1 dialing and caller plan for a cost effective plan. Other features which an office phone should have are conferencing, call monitoring and security, private and public caller lines call waiting and forwarding facilities, etc.

Review Of the HTC One X Plus

HTC One X Plus, mobile reviewsSmartphones are one of the most commonly used gadgets these days. Every 3 to 4 months new models are being launched and people are always ready to experiment. One of the coolest Smartphones which have been recently launched is the HTC One X Plus. HTC has always made it a point to give its customers the latest models with advanced technological features at affordable rates and the HTC One X plus doesn’t fail to keep up to that reputation.

It has got the fast 1.7GHz Quad Core processor and 89 GB storage feature which is very impressive for Smartphone. It has 8 Mega Pixel camera with flash features and it comes with touch and focus properties too. The battery backup is also worth a mention as it comes with a 2100mAh battery. You can go all day by charging just once which is very impressive for a gadget which has so many features running at one time.

Top 5 android games

Android games, mobile gamesAndroid platform by Google has been a humongous popular operating system for smartphones over the last few years. The OS has apps specially designed for it and they have received enormous response from the users. Gaming has been defined newly with android. To talk about the top 5 games for android phones, we prepared a small list.

1. Angry birds: A game with high quality graphics and difficult levels, it is all about breaking structures with different angry faced birds. FUN it is!
2. Defense Robo: It is a widely popular tower game. One can play for hours to earn more points.
3. Word feud: This is for those who loved Hangman. It’s like scrabble where one can play with fiends online too.
4. Glow Hockey: It’s a newly defined form of captivating air hockey.
5. Gem Miner: Collect gems from mines while avoiding getting crushed under rocks. This game is exciting.

Should you get a second hand smart phone?

Buy a smart phone, smartphonesThe smart phones are the recent hot cake in the market. The features and the styles of the smart phones are attracting all the cell phone users mainly the young generation. But however the price of the smart phones is somewhat a bit high for most people to afford. Thus, many people are adopting for second hand smart phones. Now the biggest question is whether it is safe for you to buy a second hand smart phone? Well, you can go for a second hand smart phone but you must consider a few things before you purchase it. First of all check if all the features of the phone are working perfectly or not. Also check the condition of the phone that is the physical appearance – if there is any scratch or not.

The phone you are buying must have all the valid documents like the bill and warranty card as well as all the accessories. You can go to the nearest dealer or customer care of the manufacturer to know the details about the phone. The last thing you should consider carefully is the price. Take proper information about the present market price of the smart phone and decide on what should be the price for the second hand phone.

Google G1 or the 3G Apple iPhone: which one is better?

Google G1,3G Apple iPhoneWith the turn of the decade mobile telephony has become a very common thing for us. From the normal phones that were capable of making the basic functional calls and text messages we now have the smart phones that are no less than a computer. These days the smart phones being launched have the capability and also the genetic structure that resemble more of a computing system than a phone.

The above mentioned 2 phones are among the latest offering from the stables of 2 leading phone manufacturers. While the Apple iPhone has been around for some time, the Google G1 is an effort by the software giants to make inroads into this market. The former has the one of the best hardware systems that one could ever get in a phone while the later with its Android OS is planning to take the market by storm.

iPhone And Its Application Market

Undoubtedly one of the best multimedia phones in the world, the iPhone has made a name for itself all over the world. With amazing technology and elegant looks, the iPhone has been both an object of envy and an object of desire for many. This Steve Jobs’ brainchild has received adulation from millions of user and it is this very thing which has now led to the development of iPhone faster than any other phone in the market.

But what makes an iPhone an iPhone…? It is the applications that run with the iPhone. These unparallel apps present with the iPhone make it stand apart from the rest of the crowd and has made it the undisputed champ of multimedia phones. Right form iTunes to various other interesting applications, these iPhone apps have a special place in the market because of the ease of use thereby making it one of the leading cell phones in the market.

iPad: Creating An Impact In The Mobile World

Apple iPad, iPadMobile technology has grown leaps and bounds with each passing year and the last year has perhaps seen the most rapid advancement in mobile technology. Mobile phones are no longer used for simply making phone calls nowadays, they are more of a multimedia device now and one of the best ones in the market undoubtedly has to be the Apple iPad. The brainchild of Steve Jobs himself, the Apple iPad is one of the world’s best mobile devices.

The Apple iPad allows the user to go beyond the boundaries and do things on a mobile device that were unthinkable in the past. The iPad apps are simply out of the world and the latest and most advanced technology has been used in designing the apps and the device in itself. The iPad keeps upgrading itself and we are presented with a new and improved version every few years and one can only hope and imagine when this improvement will cease but for the moment it seems that the sky is the limit

Mobile phone tracking and its disadvantages

Mobile phone trackingCell phone tracking has been one of the technologies that is being employed by many to keep a track of their mobile phones if it gets stolen or lost and it has been done very effectively. However, there are a few disadvantages that come with this package. The technology that is used to keep a track on the cell phones is known as GPS or Global Positioning System. Today, let us have a look at some of the cons that come with this advantageous technology.

This GPS enables a user to track the phone if it gets stolen and with the help of apps such as AccuTracking, the chances of success are very high. But if the phone get into a region with a weak signal, then it becomes almost impossible to spot it with the help of GPS. The presence of signals and networks is very essential when it comes down to mobile phone tracking as without the network, the GPS is absolutely useless.

Review of the Kindle DX wireless reading device

Kindle DX is a convenient wireless reading device which is as thin as a magazine. It is very easy to carry and portable. Kindle DX is suitable for various range of reading materials. The reading materials include newspapers, blogs, graphic rich books, magazines and PDF’s. The size is two and half times to that of the Kindle display. It is completely a wireless system and requires no cable, setup or computer. Kindle DX can be used in sunlight also. It does not use any sort of backlighting unlike other electronic displays.

The device is charged fully within 4 hours. It does have the text to speech feature through which books, magazines, newspapers and blogs can be read out loud to you. You can even select the voice of your choice and select the speed of the voice in which it is to be read out. You can readily switch between reading and listening.