Best Energy Saving Tips for your Home

Best Energy Saving Tips for your HomeWinter! The word is enough for the sad thing of our heating bills in our home. Yes, we all get worried because in winter the heater is going to work for the whole day and this will ultimately reach to the more of consumption of energy and will result into high expenditure. To avoid this situation there are many ways which can help you to get better knowledge about the things which you must keep in mind at the time of winter. Energy saving can result into more of benefits for you which will not only decrease the consumption of energy but will also help to lower down your expenditure.

This article will help you to know more about the energy saving tips which you can exercise in your home when the winter is all set. Some of the criteria are like you can do weather stripping, can draft the electrical ports in your home, etc and many more of the things.

Energy saving tips for your home

  • Weather stripping is such thing which helps the home not to enter or travel the cool air into the home. But you must take care that the weather stripping if worn than you must change it so that no air can come into the house and increase the heating bills of your home. Energy saving in this manner will help you to get control over the energy bills of your home.
  • Another thing which you can for is to adjust door threshold, this will help you to not let the cool air enter from the base of the door. Because in each and every door, the bottom surface is not contacted with the floor and the gap which is observed in the home in the bottom of the door is considered to be the spot of air to travel in the home. By covering the bottom surface of the door with it will help you to improve your energy bills and also energy saving tip for your home.
  • Sometimes we see that the electrical board which is situated in our home, ahs some openings and from that the air travels in the home. Energy saving tip is to cover such openings with the help of the drafts which are easily available in the market. Thos will help you to not let the air travel in the home and make your home warmer.
  • You can also go for the porter heaters which are available in the market because this will save up your energy consumption in the home. As these kinds of things works on battery, in simple words it means that it will save up your expenditure o paying off more of the electricity bills I your home.
  • You can also go for covering the windows frames and window glasses with the help of the plastic films which are available in the market. This is considered to be the cheapest way of securing your home from getting the cooler air travel in the home of yours.

HP’s latest graphic calculator series

HP graphic calculator, graphic calculatorHave you heard about the latest series of graphic calculator? The latest graphic calculator is the HP 50g. It is widely used by the college students as well as the professionals of science in the process of survey, mathematics as well as engineering purposes. It has a SD slot having RPN, and also the biggest screen. The space to be used is increased by 30%. It has a total memory of 2.5 MB which is much more that the previous HP 49g.

It has the facility for entering data about textbook or algebra. It can serve about 2300 functions. You can find infrared port also. The calculator is very fast and flexible. The battery is quiet strong and durable. It has the provision for the USB connection as well. The HP 50g is a definite upgrade version of the past models. Besides the calculator is not much complex and can be easily used. Have you not brought the latest calculator yet? Then you better buy it fast.

iPod Touch Charging Case

iPod Charging Case, iPod chargersNowadays with more and more advanced technologies newer inventions are being made. The iPod is one of the greatest inventions where you can hear music, play games, see photos and videos etc. The gadget is very popular especially among the youths. The Solar Surge is said to be the best charger. It is Apple Certified and the battery is said to be bigger and stronger. It can be charged using the USB cable as well as through the solar energy. This also saves a lot of electricity.

The interior battery pack is also a great feature. Though few people are of the opinion that a lot of time is required to charge but you must not forget its advantages. The outer case is covered by the solar panel. It has a good plug jack as well. The battery becomes much more durable and long lasting. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy the Solar Surge NT-02. Do some online search about this before buying.

Satellite radio, a must have gadget for music lovers

Satellite radio, radioIf you are a music lover then you would surely want more and more songs to hear from all over the world. This service can’t be received in a normal radio. You can listen to unlimited number of songs on the satellite radio. This is a wonderful gadget introduced for all the music lovers present in the world. Satellite radio receives its signal directly from the satellite thus letting you hear to any channel around the globe.

The benefits of using this device for listening music are many. First of all, the number of songs that you can hear is unlimited. Then if you are on a road trip then catching signals in an ordinary radio becomes tiresome job but with satellite radio signal catching is never a problem. The satellite radio is not for free. There are channels in the station that charges a certain amount as monthly subscription thus giving you an ad free service of songs. Thus, buying a satellite radio is a gift for a music lover.

The era of green gadgets


With everything going green, should gadgets be left far behind? Green gadgets are made with the idea of using the resources of nature to power them. Green gadgets are therefore not only power saving but once purchased they have zero maintenance costs.

Here is a list of a few green gadgets that most of us can use:

1)      Solar powered light bulbs: Here ordinary pet bottles are used to provide light inside the house. Shocked? Yes this innovative idea has helped light up many houses in the backward areas of Philippines.

2)      Solar Reading Lights: during the day, these reading lights are charged in the sun and when you need it at night; you can use them to read anywhere. No more annoying electrical wires and cords to worry about and no extra money to pay!

3)      Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Save on that huge post Christmas electricity bills with the help of solar powered Christmas lights.

Top 10 solar gadgets for your home

In the present age of fast reducing natural resources you should turn to the bio-friendly natural resources with the need of electricity, gas and wind. Here comes a short guide about the ten most spectacular solar energy gadgets with which you can create a better future with improved living standards. Quirky USB chargers is one of the most fabulous phone charger which intakes the solar energy in its glass made body and you can even charge your other devices.

Logitech has come up recently with its solar keyboard which is very slim and light and it is very portable also. Lumileaf desk light is another fantastic eco friendly invention by which you can enjoy powerful LED lights whether in the indoors or outdoors. Solar toothbrush is one of the finest inventions of this field which is a daily use device. Smart basket hook, solar laptop bag are also famous among masses.