An account on metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet, Ethernet networkAn Ethernet network connects businesses and subscribers to larger networks/internet. It is basically a metropolitan access point of the Ethernet standard. It is way less expensive than that of a SDH or PDH interface despite having similar bandwidths. Metro Ethernet supports higher bandwidths as well which lacks in SDH connections. Ethernet based network accesses can connect to the customer network easily and more efficiently. A typical metro Ethernet is basically a collection of routers and Layer 2/Layer 3 switches which are connected via an optical fiber enabling efficient transmission of data.

Various businesses use the Metro Ethernet as an important tool to connect different branch offices to their respective intranet. The metro Ethernet is also known as the MAN or the Metropolitan Area Network at present and it brings in a lot of advantages to both the customer and service provider equally. Hence, the metro Ethernet has turned out to be a necessary tool for virtual communication as well.