Best Laptops For Students

laptopsWhile you are searching for the best laptops for students, you need to narrow down your options. There are many categories to choose from when you are searching the best laptops for students but sort them out as too many options can put you in confusion. Basically there are six classifications of best laptops for students starting from the traditional laptops to convertible laptops and hybrid laptops and also tablets which can double up. Chromebooks of Google has availed with yet another alternative into varied choices of finding best laptops for students and it’s also a low cost alternative for windows and OS x laptops. Which would be the best laptop for students and which one to pick, all depends upon your usage and also pros and cons of each types of laptop. Here are some of the options for choosing best laptops for students.

  • Traditional laptops

Traditional laptops are those whose screen size varies from 14 to 17.6 inch. Traditional laptops are very great for daily use in the classroom or even at home. These types of laptops are considered as the best laptops for students as they offer best performance for a specific price and avail you with large and comfortable screen with keyboard. Such laptops also avails you with the power and storage space for many advanced application like image editing, video editing and science and engineering applications. These are considered best laptops for students because they also contain dedicated graphics processor which is suitable for graphically intensive applications and also for playing games after school. Traditional laptops are not much portable so it can be a matter of issue for those who have to roam with it all day long. Thus it can avail you with versatility, ample storage and speed for various application, good connectivity and price but it has drawback as it is heavy and battery life can be quite low.

  • Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are very light weighted and they are also premium thin. It looks very much stylish, has long battery life and is also portable. They are also very cheap and hence it becomes very suitable for staff instead of students. Such types of laptops offer you with high resolution screen. The performance and connectivity of such laptops are reasonable but not so good. But on the bright side they are small, light and thin, have good battery life and average performance but still they can be considered as one of the best laptops for students.

  • Convertible laptops

Convertible laptops are such laptops which are very cleverly designed as its display can be switched between laptop and tablet. The screen of such laptop can be fold flat against the keyboard when you don’t want to use the latter. Such types of laptops are becoming very much popular among students as they have benefits of both tablets and ultrabook. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the best laptops for students. But the only drawback lying with such laptops is that performance is not much satisfying.

Some Popular Anti Virus Software Of 2013

Anti Virus SoftwareAntivirus software is an absolute necessity in today’s world because your computer, laptop or smartphone may be exposed to different kinds of dangers such as key loggers, hackers, viruses etc. Software developers are coming out with a variety of software with different and unique features. Here is a list some of the most popular antivirus software of 2013.

Norton Antivirus: Ever since Norton created the 2011 version of the Norton Antivirus Software, it has been constantly advancing and developing to offer good antivirus software to the people. The Norton Antivirus 2013 has a fresh new look and has improved features which will provide perfect protection against any malware.

AVG Antivirus: The 2013 version of AVG Antivirus Software has attractive new features because of which any malware can be detected easily. In addition to that, the firewall system of the software is very efficient. However, remember that your system should be free of any malware before you actually install the AVG Antivirus Software.

BitDefender Antivirus: This is one of the most well-known software among PC or laptop users. But it occupies too much space. Its protection features and Rescue Mode are quite effective. The suggestions offered by the software to fix problems are extremely helpful and convenient.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus: This antivirus software is not that famous but then it has amazing cleanup rates and malware detection features. An interesting thing about this software is that it utilizes a remote file server to store data.

Kaspersky Antivirus: Kaspersky Antivirus is considered to be the best software by a majority of the people. The software can be updated very easily so that your computer or laptop remains protected at all times even from new dangerous viruses. Its cleanup rates are great and its malware detection system is really very competent.

Ensure that next time you purchase one of the antivirus software listed above.

Know-how on laptop battery care

laptop battery careYour laptop is surely one of the most expensive investments on your part and hence you have to ensure an optimum care for it. The laptop battery is one of the most integral components of your laptop which demands solid care and maintenance as otherwise you are soon going to end up with a malfunctioning gadget. The post here is a brief on how to care for your laptop battery.

First of all, always remember that an overcharged battery is one of most cardinal problems for any laptop. Many laptop users have the bad habit of leaving power charger linked to the laptop even when the device is off. This leads to overcharged battery which in turn results in rapid loss of battery life. Thus, make sure to disconnect the power charger when the battery is charged in full. Then, it’s to stress here that your laptop volume, screen brightness and Bluetooth functions can eat up the battery life by a great extent. So, disable the Bluetooth device while not in use and lower the brightness of your LCD screen, limiting it to 2-3 bars. If you don’t need audio, lower down volume level or mute it off. Shut down the laptop completely if you are not planning to use it anytime soon. Keeping the laptop on standby or hibernation mode will affect the battery gravely.

Avoid multi-tasking if you wish a long life for your laptop battery. Many users have the habit of working on several applications simultaneous which consume a lot of battery life. Thus, it’s better if you learn to single-task while working on the laptop. Moreover, you must know that extreme temperatures are bad for your laptop and its battery. So always keep and charge the laptop in the room temperature. Don’t forget an occasional battery clean up.

Preview of MS Office 2013

MS office 2013, Office 2013The Microsoft Office 2013, which was earlier known as the MS Office 15, is a new version of the MS office which has several new features and additions meant to make it easier for people to handle, edit cerate and make use of documents in a better manner. There are several new features in the Microsoft Office 2013. It has got a new extended file support format, support for touch for easier usability, user interface, etc. This is a more cloud based version and it ahs features which can be extended and edited and even customized.

A new presentation and read mode has also been added. It also has book mark features in both Word and PowerPoint, so now you cans tore your files and bookmark them for easy accessibility. It also provides full support in MS Word for ISO 32000 (PDF). New visualization and additional features have also made the Microsoft Outlook more interesting and appealing.

Windows8 operating system

Windows8, Windows OSWindows 8 operating system is the most-awaited application after windows7 version. And finally its launched recent version of the windows operating system. Like earlier versions this version is also produced by Microsoft for use on the personal computers, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. Windows 8 introduced significant and most needed changes to the operating system platform where the user interface is completely changed. The basic focus is improved user experience on mobile devices such as most popular tablets to fit in the tough competition against android and apple Inc.

Windows 8 represent the best of the visual experience, which is full featured OS with an excellent user interface, including touch screen option. Now the key features are other than the graphics quality and the user interface, there is one more facility highlighted on the windows 8 OS, which is the security management. Windows 8 operating systems have a high-quality security management and compatibility mode for reduce the cyber crime and keep your computer secured.

Things to Look For While Selecting a Hard Drive

Buy Hard Drive, Hard DriveIf you are thinking about getting an extra hard drive to store valuable data, files, folders, and personal or business or work related programs and files, then you need to keep a few things in mind before you decide upon one product. First of all, check the need for the hard drive. Depending upon the requirement and the amount of space left in your system’s hard drive, decide upon the size. Applications movies and songs take up most amount of space so keep that in mind too.

Then you need to consider the matter of selecting a good company. You need to make sure that the company of the product is a reputed one so that it doesn’t disrupt your files or computer system in any way. It’s an unwritten rule that selecting a hard drive of at least 100 GB should be good enough for all purposes. You can also go for the ones with lower memory, if there’s the need to do so.

Fiber optics vs cable networks

cable networks, Fiber opticsIf you want to compare between fiber optics and cable networks then fiber optics would always win the race because of the various advantages it has for its users. One of the biggest areas where fiber optics has helped people is in the electricity department. In the cable networks the operating data network had to rely on the transmitting signals but in the fiber optics there is no such dependence. It is also cheaper than the cable networks.

In order to upgrade the hardware of a computer it is important that you have a sufficient metal cable which is only possible with fiber optics. If you compare the performance of fiber optics with cable networks then you will see that cable networks require lot of wiring to set up while fiber optics hardly require any wiring. The traditional metal networks help in the compression algorithms which in turn help in the working of the fiber optics.

Taking care of your computer cookies

computer repair, computer maintenanceYou must take proper care of your computer to increase its functionality and improve its speed as well. If you have internet connected to your machine, then you must ensure proper maintenance of your computer to improve the performance. Especially the cookies should be cleared regularly. Whenever you are surfing the internet and downloading certain things, then a large number of cookies are also downloaded and get stored in the system drive of your machine.

If not cleared regularly, the cookies consume a large amount of disk space and lead to slowing down of the speed of operation of the computer as well the internet speed is also affected a lot. The cookies are normally not important thing so make sure you delete the cookies regularly and free enough of disk space to facilitate the proper functioning of the computer as well as the internet.

How to repair mother board power failure

computer repair, computer tipsIf you find out that there is nothing on display and there is no response from the computer, the first and the foremost thing to do is get the source of the power checked. The problem may have been caused by a loose connection. The wires should be checked as well. If you have a separate monitor, you have to replace it with that one and turn on the system.

If you see that the monitor is working fine, you will know that the problem is somewhere else. In most cases, it is case of RAM failure. There is hardly any way out but a replacement in such a case. However, the problem may be accused by a mild dislocation and so adjusting the position of the RAM may be effective in this case. The fans of the motherboard should be checked and it has to be made sure that the CMOS battery is properly seated.

Laser projection keyboards- go wireless

Laser projection keyboardsThere are many different types of keyboards available in the market. The latest from the IT industry is the laser projection keyboard. This keyboard is quite different from others as it comes in the shape of a small phone. From this a laser light is projected making a keyboard on any surface. This projection of the keyboard acts as a keyboard and thus the keyboard becomes wireless.

The laser projection keyboards are smaller in size and there is no space in between keys. This keyboard uses the infra-red rays to transmit the inputs. The keyboard is a special one as there is no clue of a keyboard being used and cannot be hacked. It is used mainly by secret agencies to track down criminals and perform secret tasks. It has key positioning similar to that of a QWERTY key pad thus the user will not face any problem while using it. So go wirelesses on keys using this laser projection keyboards.