An Overview On Web Proxy

Web ProxyProxy is nothing but simply a kind of server that helps in the exchange of information between two different computers or devices. Proxies can be categorized into two types: 1) Web based and 2) Machine based proxy. However the purpose of both the proxies is to allow a user to surf the internet in a protected and safer way. If you require resources and information from a variety of servers then you have to turn to web proxy for help. You have to send a request to the web proxy server which in turn will send a request to the server from which you require the information or resource. After the request will be approved, you will be able to access that particular resource or information.

Web proxy ensures that your machine’s identity remains secured and anonymous. Before you can access a particular resource, web proxy scans it for any virus or malware. The web proxy works through a certain set of filtration rules which cannot be broken. With the effective use of web proxy you can retrieve contents of a page conveniently and quickly. You can easily have the opportunity of accessing websites that are blocked if you utilize a web proxy server.

Your PC can be efficiently protected from hackers because the IP address you use is hidden properly by the proxy server so that the hackers cannot get their hand on it. Understanding the functioning of a proxy server is not that complicated. The web proxy is very user friendly. However the browser you utilize must be configured appropriately if you want the proxy server to work efficiently. Web proxy servers are popular among many of the internet users today and are quite powerful. But one needs to realize its true potential and use it suitably for good purposes only.