Advantages and Disadvantages of Printers

printerIn today’s times, printers have become the part of their daily work load which makes the work with more ease and functioning. The business world has found the importance of the printers in their daily routine work. Printers are very beneficial to all the people who have to use and work with the printers. The documents and the data which is available in your computer are in different format which a person cannot understand, printers helps the user to convert the formational language to the readable language for the use.

There are many other benefits which a user can get by installing the printers in their homer or for their office use. If there is a benefit of a thing, it is supplied with its negative effects too. Let us discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of printers which can help you to figure out the criteria in which you can go for the appropriate printers of your choice.


  • The main and the key feature or the advantage is its conveniences. In simple words it is compact in size and its structure is easily portable. Well some printers are so small and compact that they get adjusted on a table just like the size of the notebook. This feature makes it more relevant to be purchased and installed in the home or the office.
  • For many people it is difficult to understand the language of computer but with the help of installing the printer at your house or at the workplace, people can get the data printed on paper and can be very easy for the person to read and understand the data which is printed on the paper.
  • The data which is printed from the printer is saved by the printer, means if in future your data has lost or got disposed than with the help of the printer you can easily access with the data. It becomes very easy for the user to comply with the working of the printer because it does not have any complex steps to be followed and by following the instructions one can easily operate the printer.


  • Talking about the cost factor of printers, there are different and variable printers which are available in the market for the user. In accordance to the features in the printer the cost factor of the printer varies. It depends upon that the printer is black and white printer or the color printer. Color printer is more expensive as compared to other normal printers. If the person is having the work related to the color prints than he can go for the color printer but if there person is having the work with the normal black print than ordinary printer is the best option he can opt for.
  • Printers are not environmental friendly because for the use of paper, trees are cutter down and a printer cannot work without the use of papers. Not only paper but it also consumes more of power and generation of electricity which can cause more damage to environment.