Tips To Buy A Video Projector

Video ProjectorIf you are planning to purchase a video projector then it is important that you know thoroughly about what the video projector specifications mean. Some of the basic specifications that you need to take into account when you compare video projectors are constant ratio, lamp source, resolution etc. Also, other features like video line doublers, intelligent resizing technology, peripheral components, multiple inputs etc. should also be taken into account when video projectors are compared. Your budget will also have to taken into when you consider purchasing a video projector.

Here are a few things you will have to take into account while choosing a video projector

• First you will have to determine the kind of projector that you want. If the room in which you plan to keep the video projector is deep, then you should opt for a projector that works the best if it is put several feet away from the screen. Also, if the room in question is bright then you will need a video projector with high lumen rating. In dim rooms, projectors with lumen rating between 600 and 1000 will work well but for bright rooms you will need projectors with lumen rating of 1500. There are calculators available online which help you to determine the distance and also the lumen rating for your ideal video projector.

• The resolution specs of the video projector will also have to be taken into account. The resolution is a key factor in determining the amount of detail which you will get to see.

• Third, determining where exactly you will put the projector is also very important. If the projector needs to be portable, opt for a one with lighter weight.

• Checking the contrast ratio is also very important.
• Take your pick from LCD, LCOS and DLP technology.